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How long does it take to send a family file to the iPad?

The answer depends mainly on the number of pictures, the size of pictures, and the number of people.

When you send your family file to the iPad, Reunion optimizes your pictures. So, the more pictures you have and the larger the image file sizes, the longer it takes to process the data before sending it to the iPad

This table shows some examples...

people pictures time
2,000 0 0:15
2,000 135 medium size 0:47
1,400 0 0:13
1,400 300 large size 3:25
11,000 0 0:40

If sending the family file seems to get stuck...

If sending the family file to the iPad seems to take forever, or if the family file on the iPad doesn't have as many pictures as you expect, then try repairing the multimedia locations...

To repair multimedia locations, open your family file on the Mac, and......

  • Choose Reunion -> Preferences.
  • Click the Multimedia Files button.
  • Click the Repair Media Locations button.
  • Close the Multimedia Files Preferences window.

Then re-send your family file from the Mac to the iPad.