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I see a blank white screen and can't access my data.

On your iPad, go to the Home screen, then double-click the Home button near the bottom of the iPad. This should reveal a single row of recently used applications across the bottom of the iPad screen.

Scroll through the row of icons along the bottom until you find the icon for Reunion. Then tap-and-hold on the icon until all the icons in the bottom row start shaking and a small red circle with a white "-" appears at top-left of each icon:

Tap the red circle on the Reunion icon to completely quit Reunion*. Then, tap anywhere on the screen (other than the row of recently used applications) to return to the Home screen. Finally, re-open Reunion from its normal icon.

* Please Note: If you receive a message that Reunion and all its data will be deleted, tap Cancel and ensure that you are viewing the row of recently used apps.