Is there an upgrade to ReunionTouch from the old "Reunion for iPhone/iPad" apps?

ReunionTouch is a new, universal app. The technology developed for synchronization of family files between ReunionTouch on iOS and Reunion on the Mac was all new, and developed in conjunction with the release of Reunion 11 in 2015. There was no way to make Reunion 9 or Reunion 10 work with ReunionTouch. Similarly, there was no way to modify the old apps Reunion for iPad/iPhone to make them work with newer versions of Reunion for Mac (Reunion 11 or Reunion 12). Thus, ReunionTouch is an entirely new app with several new features.

One of the shortcomings of the iOS App Store is that there is no provision for upgrades. Developers can only issue free updates or "in-app purchases" (which do not apply here). Apple provides us with no information about who purchases an app or when a purchase is made. It's impossible to use the iOS App Store to offer a "grace period" whereby a person who just paid for an app can get the newest upgrade at a reduced price.

ReunionTouch is a universal app; so, if you have multiple iPads and iPhones, a single purchase covers all your devices.

In summary:

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