Reunion is in "demo" mode and I use CleanMyMac3 or MacKeeper.

If you often need to re-enter your Reunion license information, it could be a problem caused by a "cleaning" app such as CleanMyMac or MacKeeper. Both of these apps can delete the file in which Reunion stores your license information, causing Reunion to revert to "demo" mode. Unfortunately, there's no way for us to keep these apps from deleting that critical file.

Whenever using one of these apps to clean your Mac, you should look through the list of files to be deleted to ensure that the Reunion license file does not appear in the list. The name of this important file is: com.leisterpro.reunion.license.plist

Additionally, we do not recommend using the "Uninstaller" feature of either CleanMyMac or MacKeeper to uninstall any version of Reunion as there are common files shared between different versions of Reunion, and using the "Uninstaller" of CleanMyMac or MacKeeper could remove those important files. If you need to uninstall a particular version of Reunion, simply drag the appropriate Reunion app icon from your Applications folder to the trash, and then empty the trash.