How do I record name changes?

First, there is no right or wrong way.

Different Reunion users record name changes in different ways; the most important lesson is to be consistent, whatever method you use.

For example, let's assume an ancestor changed his name from DAUBENSPECK to DOVENSPIKE.

Perhaps the most common method of handling name changes would be to enter DOVENSPIKE in the Last Name field and then make a note in the Miscellaneous Notes field to explain the circumstances of the name change. Whether you decide to use the original name or the changed name (in the Last Name field) keep in mind the desired appearance of names in reports, charts, lists, etc.

Some people prefer to enter the following in the Last Name field...

If female, you would use *nee* instead of *ne*.

You could enter...

The choice here depends on where you want the name to appear in the Index. If you plan to export GEDCOM files, use the back slash (\), not the forward slash (/), so that the name will be correctly imported in other software programs.

The manner in which a name is entered or spelled does not affect its link to a parent, child, spouse, etc.

This thread on ReunionTalk has other ideas and examples.