How do I send you a family file?

Occasionally, we may ask you to send us your family file for evaluation; for example, if you're experiencing a problem and we need to use your family file to reproduce the problem.

Here are three ways to send a family file to us.

Note: After sending us the family file, do not make any changes to the family file until you hear from us.

1. Use email (if the size of your compressed/zipped family file is less than 10 MB):

  1. Quit Reunion (if it is open).
  2. Open a Finder window and navigate to the folder containing your family file. By default, Reunion stores your Family File in: Documents/Reunion Files/. However, if you're using ReunionTouch, the family file will be in your Dropbox folder.
  3. Control-click (or Right-click) your family file and select File > Compress from the menu that appears.
  4. Attach the resulting ZIP file to an e-mail and send it to

2. Use Dropbox (for larger files):

Note: This method assumes that you have a Dropbox account and Dropbox installed on your Mac.
If not, visit the Dropbox website to download and install Dropbox.

  1. Quit Reunion.
  2. Open a Finder window and locate your family file in the Dropbox folder (by default, inside your Home folder) on your Mac.
  3. Control-click (or Right-click) on your family file and choose Copy Dropbox Link from the popup menu that appears. This will copy a link to the clipboard.
  4. Paste the link into an email and send it to

3. Use other free, large-file sending services such as


Just in case you're wondering... we never share or publish anything you send to us. Your family file will only be used for testing purposes, to help us identify or duplicate a problem.