Update Release Notes

This page contains a list of fixes and changes in recent updates to Reunion 13.

Reunion 13, build 201127

  • Edit Person and Edit Source Windows - fixed a problem where pressing the tab key would not always advance to the correct field.
  • People Sidebar - when "Group Surnames" is checked in the People sidebar settings, surname prefixes will be appended to the given name in parentheses.
  • Thumbnails Window - fixed a problem displaying a large number of thumbnails when using macOS Big Sur.
  • Tree View - fixed a problem with the Share button when using macOS Big Sur and the zoom was set to anything other than 100%.
  • Color Tags Sidebar - fixed a problem with the display of color tag names when using macOS Big Sur.

  • Highlights from previous builds

  • First & Mid Name Autocomplete feature - made performance and usability enhancements.
  • Sources Sidebar & Sources List - made optimizations when searching and sorting a large number of source records.
  • Edit Person & Edit Family - fixed a problem where characters would be deleted when entering information too quickly after clicking into a field.
  • Book Report, Hourglass - fixed a problem where the number of ancestor generations was not being used to generate the book.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Advanced Find (Option-Command-f) and Find Relationship (Option-Command-r).
  • Shift-clicking on connections, "other spouses," and "other children" will skip the Quickview window and navigate to the person.
  • Added a new option to the Find Relationship feature to help with extremely large family files where people are related in multiple ways due to interfamily marriages. The default behavior of instantly determining the relationship can be overridden. Instead, this option shows a “Find Relationship” button when the panel is opened and when new people are selected for Person 1/2. The option appears as a check-mark item in the Person 1/2 menus of the Find Relationship panel.
  • Cosmetic fixes for Big Sur, macOS 11.0.
  • Miscellaneous minor improvements.
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