Top 10 Questions

The most common questions asked by people who are considering Reunion...

  1. Does Reunion 14 work with macOS 14.0, Sonoma? Yes.
  2. Is Reunion available for the iPad and iPhone?
    Yes, the mobile app is called ReunionTouch - Learn more.
  3. Will Reunion import my data from Family Tree Maker? Yes. Learn more.
    What about other genealogy apps? Yes.
  4. What is the newest version of Reunion for Mac? Learn more.
  5. Where do I purchase Reunion? Learn more.
  6. Is there a demo version? Yes. If you download Reunion 14, it will run in "demo" mode if it can't find a license. Click here to visit the download page.
  7. Does Reunion come with a manual? Learn more.
  8. If I need help, how do I contact you? Learn more.
  9. How much does Reunion cost? Learn more.
  10. What features were added in Reunion 14? Learn more.

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