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I continue to love your product and wanted you to know that my father spent much of his retired life doing our family’s genealogy, and later, for others. The intuitive nature of your program was a major factor in his ability to do it so thoroughly and efficiently. He had amassed a set of about 80,000 people (all with citations of course). I am convinced that your program added a lot to the quality and purpose of his life.

P. Auger
Sanford, Maine

I have never seen a computer program so chock full of useful features and so elegant and well-designed, programmed and presented as Reunion.  Many thanks to all the folks that make it possible.

T. De Fazio
New York, NY

I’ve always strived to document my research and cite my sources properly. Version 12 gave me the tools needed to take my documentation to the next level. Thank you Leister -- you really brought it this time!

A. Prunty
Louisville, KY

I love this software! I have used it for many years, I love the visual pride in its interface, the easy usability, the color presentation, the endless features and on and on.

T. Chapman
Cypress, TX

I really like the improvements that have been made in release 12. Especially the book publishing. Makes life a lot easier and more professional!

W. Husband
Louisville, KY

So happy I purchased the product so many years ago, it has been the easiest and most reliable genealogy tool I have used (and I have used/owned at least 6 different ones).

H. Clark
Starksboro, VT

I have just upgraded to Reunion 12 and it was so easy. Took less than 15 minutes, including watching the video and changing my alias file in the Dock. Leister make upgrades and updates extremely user-friendly, which is more than can be said for many other bits of software I have.

A. Roberts
New Zealand

I have been using your product since 2010 (Reunion 9) and now am using Reunion 12 with over 1,200 people, and still so many things to learn.

Thank you for the product, and the efficient way you and your staff respond.

Y. Duchesnay
Montréal, Canada

I just wanted to pass along a big thank you to your support staff. You have a knowledgeable and patient team.

J. McIntosh
Austin, TX

I have just completed installing ReunionTouch on my iPhone. It is now running on my MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and my iPhone and completely synced between the three devices. Working perfectly! I can take my iPhone and/or iPad into the field when doing research and update my family files or compare data I find instantly. ReunionTouch is an absolute must have app!

Leister, you definitely have the best Genealogy software on the market! Thanks for all of your hard work and utilizing the latest MacOS and software technology. Your email support is also outstanding!

P. Paul
Naples, FL

I upgraded to the lovely new version 12. Great fan charts!

P. Kimmitt
Shrewsbury, MA

You guys are the best! I don’t often have to ask for help, but you are always fast, and it usually works the first time.

L. Genung
Clementon, NJ

The finest genealogy app out there ... and it’s the best $100 I’ve spent in a LONG time! Superb app!

This program remains the best of the best, and I appreciate your reasonable pricing and attention to the (unparalleled) functional power of this program!

D. Clarke
Dallas, TX

I especially like the version 12 addition of red indicators for blood relatives of the Source person (myself) in the People column, and even of "Spouse of 1C4R of spouse" (for example). This makes it much easier to explore further lines of research.

B. Millo
Havant, UK

Your customer service is excellent, one reason why I recommend Reunion to others.

J. Goldie
Ottestad, Norway

Thanks for a far superior database program than any other I have seen!

J. Keyes
Monument, CO

Thanks for your help. It means a lot to have a real person answering the phone and prompt answers to email questions.

R. Neale
Farmington, NY

I put together a wonderful book for our recent family reunion using the Reunion 12 book feature. Thank you for this feature.

K. Nielsen
Martinez, CA

My wife and I are long time users of Reunion.

People using other genealogy programs are very impressed with the quality and flexibility of Reunion and wish they could use it on their Microsoft platforms.

G. Braden
Geelong, Victoria, Australia

I want to thank you for your consistently quick response to my questions. It is refreshing to see such great commitment to quality products and customer service.

S. Ratto
Livermore, CA

I understand why Leister jumped on the Dropbox solution. Having the files back-up in close to near real-time from one device to the other is the cat’s meow! Also being able to change something on the mobile device and having it also occur on the Mac’s master file earns another gold star for the Dropbox solution.

Again, many thanks for your product and the excellent, detailed instruction materials available on-line.

N. Sloper
Eureka, CA

I have recently upgraded to Reunion 12. I have been using Reunion for about 20 years. Thank you for a terrific upgrade.

P. Anderson
Lancaster, PA

Just upgraded to version 12. Love the upgrade and the new features. Awesome!

J. Cole
Jacksonville, FL

I’ve generated three or four hourglass reports for my family society and everyone is overwhelmed! The enhancements to the Book capability [in Reunion 12] have made the Book feature an incredible feature for our need to publish multiple books on 78,000 descendants of our emigrant ancestor. And the male/female color coding, which I had originally ignored as fluff, has gotten widespread praise. So, kudos to the programming team!

J. Oglesby
Lynn Haven, FL

Jim and I have been fans of Reunion since the dark ages and highly highly recommend the software for any Mac user.

Your product is rock solid. And, through all the computers and upgrades, it has worked like a charm.

E. Love
Brasstown, NC

Thanks again for an excellent product and your perfect and speedy support.

C. Aldridge
St. Albans, Herts, England

My wife and I bought version 12 yesterday, looooooovin’ it! Wonderful!

M. van der Meulen
Bussum, Holland

The software is doing a great job in helping me manage and catalogue my ever-increasing family of ancestors.

B. Keen

I’ve been using Reunion since V.1, in the early 1990s. Love it.

B. Patt
Fair Oaks, CA

I must congratulate you and your team for yet another outstanding upgrade to the finest Mac Genealogy app on the planet! Seriously, really nice work.

Having 23,000 entries now, I am working hard to self publish two-three new books, in addition to the three completed in the past one and a half years. It really looks sharp!

F. Knowles
Williamsburg, VA

I’ve used this program from the very beginning of my genealogical research many, many years ago. I’d never go to another program.

Easy to use; Excellent support; fully fills every need; user friendly.

G. Bender
Hudson, NC

Thanks to you and the rest of the Reunion staff for many years of a wonderful piece of genealogy software.

G. Conetta
Ontario, Canada

Just wanted you to know that I think you have great product. I really enjoy using it.

J. Jenkins
Laurel, MD

I am loving the new version.

L. Moynihan
Pakenham, Victoria, Australia

Reunion is the cat’s whiskers of family history applications. I know about cats and about their whiskers, and their vet bills. Thanks again from me and all my dead ancestors.

S. Hayes
Pleasant Grove, UT

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