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I fully applaud and congratulate the entire Reunion team for all the hard work in the past and their continuation of being very responsive to user suggestions/ideas for current and future improvements!

I especially appreciate that my old iPod Touch now has ReunionTouch. It's great - thanks!!

Highly satisfied user of every version of Reunion since the tail-end of Reunion 6's life.

S. Engle

This version looks wonderful and it has so many new features. I'm enjoying finding my way around. Your tech help has been outstanding.

S. Bueno

I have to say how delighted I am with both Reunion and, in particular, ReunionTouch. For me they are brilliant and I am telling everyone how thrilling it is to work with them. Keep on giving us the wonderful programming that you have.

Congratulations to the person or people who developed ReunionTouch.

I. Samuel
Malvern East, Victoria, Australia

Reunion is a real fire-cracker. Had it for two days, now, and I already love it!

I’m really impressed with the “islands” feature and the way islands are separated from each other.

A. Gaston
San Marcos, TX

I don't know which is better -- the Reunion program or the excellent support given by LeisterPro!

Thank you so much for your help! Your suggestion was simple and logical -- I was just overthinking things.

A. Upton
West Chester, PA

We've been using Reunion for Mac since 2005, and remain very happy with the product. ReunionTouch has been a big step forward, especially when we are on the road conducting research.

Thanks for everything.

P. Haskell
Burlington, VT

Everything is working perfectly. You guys are geniuses and have the best genealogy program anywhere. The new features are amazing and I can't wait to make a book from my 6000 person database.

Cheers Leister Productions!!!!

R Stelle
Cedarhurst, NY

I've watched some of your tutorials and I find that they are exceedingly easy for us folks that like each step shown and spelled out. At 77, it's important that I understand each step so that I can work with it later on.

B Rampey
Elizabeth, CO

Thank you for your help. Your service is one of the main reasons I recommend Reunion to my friends.

Bill Rhea
Chester, VA

ReunionTouch is so convenient! I have been using it to directly add data, rather than hand-writing a note and adding information to Reunion for the Mac when I get home. Wonderfully efficient. Just great!

J. Koff
San Francisco, CA

...All I can say is that you are absolutely brilliant! You’ve done a fantastic job of creating superb genealogy software for Mac...

G Dash
Hyannis, MA

I just completed installing Reunion and then I downloaded and installed ReunionTouch on my iPad.

Next I made a change in the main database and tested the results (instantly it was on the iPad) and then another change in the database on the iPad and the results appeared on my main computer instantly. This is absolutely fantastic!!!!

Thank you so very much for this wonderful improvement. Now I will never be without my absolutely latest up-to-date data, no matter where I am located.

G. Mason
Manassas, VA

I think the idea of using Dropbox so that we can access Reunion with the iPad anywhere we can get internet is a terrific concept and idea. Love it.

B. Timby
Portsmouth, RI

I must tell you that this easy ability to generate and send charts has led to renewed interest by family members and has resulted in new and corrected information being sent to me. All this is good.

B. Williams
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

I am extremely impressed with how responsive you and all the staff at Leister Productions are now and have been in the past with any issues about your software.

I wish more companies provided such excellent customer service.

D. Earl
San Jose, CA

We have been using this program for a long time and just love it, we learn more everyday! Over the years we have conversed with you and other staff for help and how to, etc. We have always received excellent guidance, help and support and compliment all of you for this. Your efforts and dedication to the Reunion products are very very much appreciated!

Again, overall, brilliant product and update, it just keeps getting better and we really appreciate your efforts in this regard.

D. Hails
Coldstream, BC, Canada

Thanks to Reunion for their wonderful tech support of their product. You are truly an A+ company.

D. Reid
Fullerton, CA

I have the most recent version of your program on my Mac, with over 16,000 people in the database. Hurray for Reunion! There are NO problems with it! I’ve been using your program (in it’s many variations) for years, and I really rely on and enjoy it.

D. Bengtson
Vista, CA

I think Reunion is great. Now that it uses Dropbox, I really like that it syncs automatically with the other devices.

S. Newman
Glenunga, Australia

The absolute best thing about Reunion, in my opinion, is being able to get support via email to answer queries.

Thank you.

D. Mitchell
Coogee, Australia

Thanks for all of your help... It means a lot to work with a company whose employees don’t give up until a problem is figured out. You had plenty of chances to bow out of this, but you didn’t. I really appreciate that.

E. Woods
Hebron, IL

I have used your product since the beginning, I think. It just keeps getting better.

J. Cline
Johnsonburg, PA

I've never dealt with tech support for any other product that is better in terms of helpfulness and timeliness then you all.

J. Oberkrom
Austin, TX

I am TOTALLY blown away... I have been a Reunion user since, I think, Version 4 and loved you back then. But what I am ‘discovering’ within the first 10 minutes of my upgrade has me jumping up and down with joy!

The “Tree View” is so totally unbelievable! Each click of discovery is knocking my socks off :-)

I am so looking forward to getting this data on my iPad and iPhone and sharing with family when I next visit!

Thank you for not stopping in your quest for making Reunion THE best genealogy software!!

J. Harper
Corning CA

Keep up the GREAT work with Reunion -- it’s superb for us Mac folks!

J. Keyes
Monument, CO

Wow, I am impressed -- you not only replied to my question, and promptly, but you also gave me a clear and usable answer! Thank you! That's more than the boilerplate automated response one gets from many companies. I have been using Reunion for maybe 20 years since switching from Family Tree Maker, and your great customer support reinforces my favorable impression.

J. Kennedy
El Granada, CA

Thank you so much!! You are a great company to deal with!!

Your program is indispensable for serious historical demographic research.

J. McCullough
Salt Lake City, UT

I got fascinated on how easy was to use Reunion instead of MFT. Love at first sight.

I never think again to use another genealogy software. My only concern of genealogy software nowadays is “please God make Reunion never stopped to be produced.”

L. Martins
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I’m just falling in love with this program the more I learn about it. I am so excited about what you have taught me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This program has been the best program I have ever seen. Again, thank you very much for you patience and help.

L. Killingsworth
Derby, KS

As always, you and the staff at Reunion demonstrate why those who own Macs would be insane not to use Reunion.

M. Duke
Weetangera, Australia

One thing I have always liked about Reunion is the friendliness and helpfulness of the support team. You are continuing that tradition.

R. Lancefield
Palo Alto, CA

I am not a computer geek. So that is actually why I love Reunion so much. Plus you always help me when I need it.

I really appreciate the software and the support. They are both out of this world!

B. Schnapp
Reston, VA

Thank you very much!!! The support from LeisterPro is again exceptional!

R. Fisher
Sandringham, Victoria, Australia

You offer a wonderful product and great service.

B. Gould
South Australia, Australia

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