Is Reunion 13 compatible with macOS Catalina?


Reunion 13 is a 64-bit app and is compatible with macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur.

Note: Reunion 11, 10, 9 (or older) will not run with Catalina or Big Sur

Converting a 32-bit app to a 64-bit app is a long and complex process, requiring large portions of the underlying code to be rewritten. Thus we will not be re-writing older versions of Reunion. I.e., Reunion 12 and 13 are 64-bit apps and run fine with Catalina or Big Sur; but the older versions of Reunion (version 11 and older) will remain as they are, 32-bit apps, which are not compatible with Catalina or Big Sur

If you are still using Reunion 11 (or an older version) and you plan to keep updating your macOS, then we encourage you to upgrade to Reunion 13. Click here for details about upgrading.