Does ReunionTouch work with Reunion 12?

Yes. However, you'll need to share the new, version 12 family file with ReunionTouch.

If you were sharing a version 11 family file with a device using ReunionTouch, it's important to complete the following steps...

  1. (You may have already completed this step.) On the Mac, upgrade/convert your old family file to the Reunion 12 format. This will create a new, version 12 family file, which you have named and, hopefully, saved in Dropbox. However, creating a version 12 family file does not remove or delete your version 11 family file. So, you'll have both temporarily.
  2. Open ReunionTouch on your device.
  3. If your old family file opens, close it. (Tap the Hammer icon and tap Close.)
  4. In the Welcome window of ReunionTouch, tap "Download a family file from Dropbox."
  5. Locate and tap the name of your version 12 family file in the list. It will have a different icon (than Reunion 11) and, in smaller text under the file name, you'll see "Reunion 12 Family File."
  6. The version 12 family file will be downloaded to your device. It may take a long time if it has lots of pictures. When it's done, you may begin using it.
  7. To avoid confusion, at some point you should use ReunionTouch to delete the old, version 11 copy of your family file on the device. (Note: Deleting the family file on the device, does not delete the Mac family file in Dropbox.) If you're not sure how to do this, click here.
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