ReunionTouch Questions

Some common questions asked by ReunionTouch users...

Does ReunionTouch work with Reunion 13?

After I upgrade to Reunion 13, what should I do?

Does ReunionTouch work with Reunion 12?

Why isn't the family file on my Mac syncing with ReunionTouch on my device(s)?

Dropbox says it will limit my number of devices. What can I do?

Dropbox says my Mac OS won't be supported soon. What can I do?

How do I share a family file with my mobile device?

I can't download my family file from Dropbox. Its name is gray/disabled and I can't select it. The family file is "zipped."

How do I delete family files in ReunionTouch?

How do I change the "home" family?

Can I make changes in ReunionTouch and on my Mac?

Is there a limit to the size of a family file in ReunionTouch?

Is there an upgrade to ReunionTouch from the old "Reunion for iPhone/iPad" apps?

If my kids get ReunionTouch, can I share my family file with them, but keep them from making changes to my family file?

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